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Are you feeling overwhelmed? Planning a party seemed like a good idea, but halfway into it, you're thinking, maybe it wasn't such a good idea. We get it! We want to help you make well educated informed decisions That is why we have packed the knowledge center with articles that will help you plan an epic event. Still need help? No worries! Give us a call will walk you through the process step by step ensuring that you have the right equipment for your event. When you work with one of our expert event planners you love the stress-free rental experience.

30 March 23 - Know before you stake!

A Free Call Can Save a Life! Since we anchor our tents and inflatables with 24–42-inch stakes, the law requires us to have the underground marked..

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06 March 23 - Bounce House Safety Rules

These rules were created to provide helpful information to parents, and participants in an effort to ensure the safety of your party guests. that..

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03 January 23 - Beware of the cheap bounce house listed on Market Place or Craig's List

We're all looking to save money but beware... Some rental companies cut corners to save money and cutting the wrong corners can leave your party a..

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08 July 22 - Important Information About Your Pets

We love our pets, and we know you love yours too. Following these simple guidelines can ensure the safety of your pets, our crew and provide a and..

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