14 February 24 - Our Safety Promise

Our Safety Promise

Our Safety Promise is more than just words tossed around at a corporate conference or a flashy catch phrase used on our website. They are at the core of what we do, and we will never compromise the safety of our team, our customers, or their guests.

We Promise

To clean and sanitize all inflatables between rental periods using non-toxic cleaners.

To clean and sanitize all tables and chairs between rental periods with disinfectant wipes.

To provide Watch Dog 2 safety sirens at no additional cost with every inflatable rental.

To inspect all rental equipment on a regular basis to ensure there is no damage and that it is safe to rent.

Our professional set up team will install and anchor all tents and inflatables as recommended by the manufacturer.

Our delivery & setup team members regularly participate in ongoing safety and installation training provided by manufacturers and industry leaders.

Each team will have a minimum of one safety coordinator, who will complete a final inspection once the set-up is complete to ensure we have kept our promise. He/she will review the safety rules with you so that everyone can have a safe and fun experience.

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