Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do the prices on the website include delivery?

A. No, due to the cost of fuel, we unfortunately have to charge a travel fee. The travel fee will be calculated once your order is complete.

Q. When I rent an inflatable, how long do I get to keep it?

A. The standard rental of the inflatable is up to 6 hours, it will be set-up and ready for the full 6-hour time prior to your event start time. Typically we arrive an hour prior to the rental to set-up, times vary depending on our schedule.

Q. Does my rental time include your set up time?

A. No, we arrive early to set up. That way you have time to decorate before your guests arrive.

Q. How will I know when you will arrive with my order?

A. Generally, we arrive 1-3 hours before your rental time begins. If we have a lot of rentals that day, we may need to set up as early as 4 hours in advance. We will call you on the Sunday before your event to provide you with an estimated delivery time.

Q. Do you set up the equipment for my event?

A. All tents and inflatables are set up and anchored to the ground by our crew. We will set up tables and chairs for an additional fee. If you would like us to set up the tables and chairs for your event, please call our office at least 7 days before the date of your event.

Q. Can I hire someone from your team to run the rented equipment?

A. Yes, we have crew members available for hire if you need additional assistance.

Q. Do you set up at public parks?

A. Unfortunately, due to extended liability, we do not set up at public parks.

Q. If I live in an apartment can you set up a tent or inflatable in common areas of the complex?

A. Unfortunately, due to extended liability, we do not set up at apartment complexes.

Q. What form of payment do you take?

A. We accept all major credit and debit cards. We do not accept cash or checks at this time.

Q. What if we need to cancel?

A. Please check out our Rental Contract for cancellation details.

Q. Do you require a down payment to reserve the equipment?

A. Yes, all orders require a 50% down payment. If you cancel 30 days or more before your event, we will issue you a full refund. 0-29 days, we issue you a partial refund. See our Rental Contract for more details.

Q. What surfaces do you set up on?

A. Tents can set up on grass, dirt or cement. There is an additional cost for water barrels if we cannot use traditional stakes. Inflatables can be set up on grass, dirt or cement but may require an additional fee for hard surface set ups.

Q. Can we see a copy of your contract before we rent from you?

A. Absolutely. We wouldn't have it any other way. you can review the Rental Contract by selecting the Rental Contract tab on the home page of our website.

Q. Am I responsible for damage to the rental equipment while it is in my possession?

A. Yes, you are responsible for all damages up to and including replacement of the equipment if it is damaged while in your care. This can cost thousands of dollars. We don't want you to be in that situation which is why we offer Accidental Damage Waiver Protection. For just 8% of your rental order, we will waive the cost of repairs or replacement for accidental damage up to a total cost of $1,000 US dollars. Misuse, abuse and intentional damage is not covered. For exact coverage please ask for a copy of our Accidental Damage Waiver.

Q. How safe are Bounce Houses and Slides?

A. Commercial rental inflatables are designed with safety and are designed meet all of the demand of the rental industry. They are made from a fire-retardant material with safety netting covering any open areas. all around. If you follow the rules provided, these units are very safe. The safety guidelines are posted near the entrance of all commercial units. All units will be staked into the ground for safety; if the unit will be set up on a hard surface, please make sure to let us know ahead of time so we can provide sandbags to secure the inflatable. An additional fee may apply.

Q. How much room will I need to set up a tent or an inflatable?

A. Depending on which unit you rent, the space will vary. Click on the description section of the unit or tent you would like to rent to see the dimensions. We will also discuss this with you prior to your rental.

Q. How far in advance do I need to book my event?

A. Our rental equipment is rented on a first come first served basis. It is wise to get your reservations in early to be guaranteed the equipment you want is available for the date of your event. We suggest 2-4 weeks prior to your event during the off-peak season. September - March. During our peak season we recommend booking 6-8 weeks in advance.

Still have a question? Call us at 248.621.4400.