06 March 23 - Bounce House Safety Rules

These rules were created to provide helpful information to parents, and participants in an effort to ensure the safety of your party guests. Damage that occurs from not following these rules will be considered intentional damage and you will be charged for all damage.

DO NOT 🚫 Allow children to spray SILLY STRING on or near the inflatable. SILLY STRING causes permanent damage to the material in which inflatables are manufactured. Failure to comply will be considered intentional damage and you will be charged.

DO NOT 🚫 Allow children in any inflatable with sharp objects on their clothes or in their pockets. Items like pens or belt buckles can cause puncture holes to the inflatable. Remove all jewelry before entering the bounce house including earrings.

DO NOT 🚫 Allow riders to play or climb on walls, sides, or roof of inflatable.

DO NOT 🚫 move or try to relocate the inflatable after it has been anchored by the rental company.

DO NOT 🚫 Allow children in any inflatable with drinks, candy, gum or lollipops. They could easily choke or poke one another in the eye while jumping and playing. Additional cleaning fees will apply if this rule is not followed.

DO NOT 🚫 Use soap, baby powder, baby oil, etc. on the inflatable. Many products will damage the vinyl.

DO NOT 🚫 Allow pets in the inflatable. Their nails can permanently damage the bounce material.

DO NOT 🚫 Put water on a ‘DRY’ inflatable. This could cause serious injuries as some inflatables are not designed to be used wet.

DO NOT 🚫 Leave children unsupervised in any inflatable at any time.

DO NOT 🚫 Choose an area for a bounce house that is more than 50 feet away from adequate power. Electricity degrades over distance, so to ensure proper inflation, it is critical to remain reasonably close to a power source. If your party is at a park, be sure to ensure that power is available.

We Recommend the following.

DO ✅ Ensure that the rental service cleans their inflatables after each rental with non-toxic cleaning solutions. Ask about our clean promise.

DO ✅ Ensure that the rental service guarantees that they will bring you the inflatable you ordered. If your princess is expecting a princess bounce house to go with her princess themed party and the rental company shows up is a Superman bounces house, it could be devastating. Ask about our rental product promise.

DO ✅ Ensure that the rental service is professional and provides friendly customer service. Bounce houses are often picked up late evening and at night in your backyard. Unidentified people walking around your house in the evening can be frightening.

DO ✅ Make sure that you thoroughly read all contract or rental agreements before signing. There are often rules and additional fee information described in the contract that is very important.

DO ✅ Ensure that you measure the area where the bounce house will be set up before you reserve it. And don’t forget to measure the height also. Some yards have low hanging tree limbs that could get in the way and damage the inflatable.

DO ✅ Double check that all pet excrement has been removed from the path and the area where the bouncy will be located. Additional fees may be applied for this extra cleaning service.

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