30 March 23 - Know before you stake!

A Free Call Can Save a Life!

Since we anchor our tents and inflatables with 24–42-inch stakes, the law requires us to have the underground utilities marked before we set up. We do this by calling missdig811 to request a location inspection of your property.

Missgid811 will send a professional locator out to mark your underground utility lines. Once this is done, we can confidently anchor your bounce house, slide or tent, knowing the utilities will not be disturbed.

They will not mark underground sprinklers, dog fences, outdoor lighting or your septic system. You must mark these items.

Preferred Party Rentals will not be responsible for damage to anything underground that is not properly marked.

If you have a Tent or inflatable on order and the flags get removed you must call us at 248.621.4400 immediately so that we can all to have them remarked.

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