08 July 22 - Important Information About Your Pets

We love our pets, and we know you love yours too. Following these simple guidelines can ensure the safety of your pets, our crew and provide a clean and safe experience for your party guests. Damage done by pets is not considered accidental damage and you will be charged for the full repair or replacement of the equipment.

The morning of your event

Make sure that the set-up area and pathway to and from the street are free of pet waste. This includes dog, cat, goat, geese or any other animal that has used your yard to do their business. This needs to be done prior to our arrival. Due to our delivery schedule, if our team arrives and this is not done, we will not be able to set up your rental equipment. Please refer to the website for the equipment you rented to determine the set-up area.

While our team is on site

For the safety of your pets and our team, pets must not be allowed in the set-up area while we are setting up or taking down your rental equipment.

Before, After and During your event

Even the most well-trained pets sometimes get excited when they see their little humans having fun. They want to join them, but that can cause permanent damage to the rental equipment. Sharp nails can puncture the inflatable and urine and feces will stain the inflatable and ruin your party. Some pets also find the inflatables very tasty. So, please keep all pets away from the party area at all times. If you must take your pet outside while the equipment is set-up, please put them on a leash.

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