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20' X 20' High Peak Series Tent

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Looking for the perfect tent for your next event or gathering? Whether you're hosting a grad party, family reunion, backyard party, church event, corporate event or trade shows this 20' X 20' High Peak Series tent is perfect. This tent provides ample space to accommodate up to 48 guests making it our most popular tent.

Need more space? You can connect multiple tents together to create the perfect amount of space and the layout you need, making this tent the a must have for your next event.

Our tents do not require interior ground poles. This gives you more flexibility for table options. It also provides every guest an unrestricted view of the guest of honor. It can be installed on grass, dirt or cement.

A minimum space of 30' X 30' is required to allow room for proper anchoring.

Solid side walls and side walls with cathedral windows available for an additional charge.

Hard surface installation requires and additional anchoring system for an additional charge.

We proudly service Oakland County and surrounding areas.

Recommended Seating:

4 - 5' round tables seats 32 guests.

6 - 6' rectangle tables seats 36 guests.

6 - 8' rectangle tables seats 48 guests.

What's Included:

1 20' X 20' High Peak tent, 4 42" ground stakes*, 8 rachet tie down straps, 4 stake safety caps.

* If installed on grass or dirt. hard surface installation requires an alternate anchoring system.

Price: $335

Indoors on Hard Surface
Outdoors on Grass
Outdoors on Hard Surface

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